The term “quality” is defined as the characteristic of a product that illustrate its ability to satisfy needs. Therefore, “high quality” could be defined as a product’s ability to satisfy high needs.

In the world of building materials, the level of needs which a decent product should conform to is precisely and strictly determined. One aspect of quality is consistency – it is not sufficient that the majority of products satisfy high needs, the aim must be that exclusively all products could be characterized as having high quality. This cannot be achieved through one-time campaigns or projects – this is a continuous process of improvement, which requires constant monitoring and hard work.

Regardless of the fact that we live in an era where quality is extensively standardized and all the conformity to norms requires is their meticulous pursuance, Arras Construction Furniture OÜ (hereinafter ACF) finds that genuine high quality must meet the client’s real practical demands and needs, not merely be in accordance with abstract norms.

We are a manufacturing enterprise, but we nevertheless cannot limit our aims for high quality to just the characteristics of our product. Our product reaches the client via our service. The high quality of the products loses its significance, if the products are not received in due time or are not delivered in the right amount. Thus, our goal is high quality of the service throughout the service process – from marketing and receipt of the orders to the dispatch of the goods and post-sales service. The very substance of high service quality is primarily just this one simple principle – all promises must be fulfilled, always.

Foregoing summarizes our quality policy, which you can read HERE.