European Technical Assessment

ETA-s issued to ACF:


The European Technical Assessment (ETA) for construction products is a favourable technical assessment of the product´s fitness for an intended use, based on the contribution of this product to the fulfilment of the six Essential Requirements stipulated in the CPD for the construction works in to which the product is installed.

An ETA can be granted when any of the following conditions apply:

  • no relevant Harmonised Standards for the product exist
  • no mandate for such a Standard has been given by the European Commission
  • the European Commission considers that a Standard cannot be developed (yet)
  • a product deviates significantly from the relevant Harmonised Standards

Having the ETA is also one of the mainpreconditions for obtaining CE-marking to the construction product. To obtain CE marking, the manufacturer must certify its factory production (FPC) after being granted the ETA.

ETA- Danmark which is a department of DS Certificering A/S, is the authority that issued ETA-s to ACF. ETA- Danmark is a member of the EOTA – The European Organisation of Technical Assessment.