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Arras Construction Furniture OÜ

Reg. no. 10553332
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Customer support: Mon-Fri 08.00 – 17.00

Veiko Visk Sales Assistant Read more
Veiko Visk
Sales Assistant

Liis Järviste Sales Assistant Read more
Liis Järviste
Sales Assistant

Laura Roostalu Swedish Region Sales Manager Read more
Laura Roostalu
Swedish Region Sales Manager

Risto Jaanson Export Markets Sales Manager Read more
Risto Jaanson
Export Markets Sales Manager

Martin Liivamägi Latvian and Lithuanian Region Sales Manager Read more
Martin Liivamägi
Latvian and Lithuanian Region Sales Manager

Mihkel Viks Poland Business Development Manager Read more
Mihkel Viks
Poland Business Development Manager

Alan Tohv Estonian Sales Manager Read more
Alan Tohv
Estonian Sales Manager

Matis Allikmaa Sales Director Read more
Matis Allikmaa
Sales Director

My mission in Arras CF is to ensure that our Nordic clients are satisfied with products and services that we provide.

During my career, I have also been involved in the distribution of technical products. In Scandinavia, timber is a product of choice in the construction section; their knowhow of fastenings is superior too. I appreciate good teamwork very much and have a hand in everything, from customer service to product development.

In my free time, I like to participate in outdoor activities on bicycle, skis, kayak, or carrying a rucksack or a camera. I also like to engage in woodwork or touch up my knowledge on new technologies.

Mairit Madissoo Warehouse Manager Read more
Mairit Madissoo
Warehouse Manager

My task is to ensure that customers would get the best service experience at Arras. Our main goal is to provide the most suitable solution for the customer. We strive to meet the customer’s expectations, and we want to offer more than is expected of us. We have a very good and nice team working for a common goal – to be your best partner in fastening tools.

One of my most utopian dreams would be a trip to space; it has attracted me since childhood.

Volleyball is close to my heart. I enjoy reading books that help me to develop. I love to be in nature and discover new places. As for my free time, I am not a great planner; I like to act spontaneously.

Laura-Eliise Baida Purchasing Specialist Read more
Laura-Eliise Baida
Purchasing Specialist

Tiit Tammeveski Purchasing Specialist Read more
Tiit Tammeveski
Purchasing Specialist

Martin Rammo Production Specialist Read more
Martin Rammo
Production Specialist

Annabel Vendelin Production Assistant Read more
Annabel Vendelin
Production Assistant

Ilmar Mäesepp Engineer - Technologist Read more
Ilmar Mäesepp
Engineer - Technologist

I have finished the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences in the area of metal technology.

Before working at Arras CF I have worked as a mechanics department manager and a chief mechanic. At Arras CF my job is engineer-technologist. My job responsibilities are equipment maintenance and design and implementation of new ideas.

In my free time I like cross country skiing and I am also a great crossword enthusiast.

Henry-Stiven Villems Technical Director Read more
Henry-Stiven Villems
Technical Director

I have graduated TalTech University and have a degree in Public Administration. In 2014 I joined Arras CF. Since then I have had a chance to work here in diferent positions. Today my job is to ensure our production department is as effective as possible, flexible and efficient. In addition I am making sure our consumables are always at hand. The purpose is to produce fasteners quiclky and to be able to send products out with minimal delivery time. I am always holding my hand on the pulse, so we are always growing and will be competitive. In summary everything regarding our production is what I am responsible of.

In my free time I like to do sports. My favourites are diferent ball games and this is why I am also a team player at work. Also I just like to enjoy life outside of work – be it travelling, Sunday brunches, making pancakes for my children and playing with them or just a roadtrip with my family.

My crazy dream is that one day I would be able to fulfill all of my crazy dreams and there are many.

Some examples of them:


  • I would like to own High level basketball coach licence and to achieve master title with a team. Even junior class or senior class team.
  • Discovering new sports talents (being a football or basketball scout).
  • A house or a rooftop appartment with a seaview
  • My own radio station „Hauss FM“
  • Owning my own summerhome
  • A private collection of Ferraris (PS! One would be great as well)
  • Majority shareholding in my favourite club Arsenal FC (In short AFC, almost like ACF so Arras CF would go into account as well).
  • Supporting sport. Specifically sponsoring with T-shirts. My heart would be happy to support Viljandi Tulevik.
  • Painting over all the houses in my birthtown
  • Staying in a good physical and mental shape for the rest of my life
  • Publicate my own poetry collection.
  • To play drums professionally
  • Cook at least as well as Gordon Ramsay
  • To help Arras Construction Furniture to become the biggest and fiercest fastener manufacturer in the world

In spite of not having fulfilled my previously mentioned dreams, I am lucky that most of the profound dreams have already come true!

Margit Terentjeva Packaging Department Manager
Read more
Margit Terentjeva
Packaging Department Manager

Marko Lindepuu Development Manager Read more
Marko Lindepuu
Development Manager

Kärolin Rillo CFO
Read more
Kärolin Rillo

Kristi Voorel Quality Manager Read more
Kristi Voorel
Quality Manager

My daily task at Arras CF is the professional and pleasant service of our clients. Finding answers to all the questions and solutions to problems.

My crazy dream is to take a bungee jump off the Verzasca dam (Contra). One day, I would definitely like to try a parachute jump.

In my spare time, I like to cook – to try new flavours, watch good movies and serials, and solve Sudoku puzzles. Photography is a hobby for which I would definitely like to get involved in further and deeper.

Maria Märtson Office Manager / Executive Assistant Read more
Maria Märtson
Office Manager / Executive Assistant

Andrus Arras Chairman of the Board Read more
Andrus Arras
Chairman of the Board

I contribute to setting the general goals and directions of the ACF. In short, we put together the goals that the executive management and a good team will later handle on a daily basis.

The undisputed priority among my hobbies belongs to downhill skiing. Then there is a lot of empty space, and then – as a big surprise to even me – gardening/landscaping, followed by grilling/BBQ /making smoked meat and fish.

Traveling both shorter and longer distances is always a pleasure.

I am just about to achieve a couple of crazy goals, but thinking more about it, then the craziest and the most unpractical goal is to obtain a bus driver’s license and then work for a week as a bus driver. The goal, which has nothing to do with being practical, but doing it at least once would be crazy cool – that would be a crazy and a very crazy goal!

Lauri Kivi CEO Read more
Lauri Kivi

In Arras, I see to it that customers can get the best possible service and products, and the company would welcome many customers without which we would not exist. I perceive my job as a “middleman” who is looking for the best deal for the customer, and I sincerely believe that ACF is the best.

In my spare time, I like to build, construct, and engage in music and sports. If there is any time left, I like to read self-development books with my pencil in hand.

A crazy dream is to hear songs written by me on the radio.