CE Marking

What is the CE mark?

In short, the CE mark is the manufacturer´s declaration that its product is tested and controlled and meets all relevant European Union directives. Products with the CE mark are permitted to circulate freely within the EU.

To get products CE marked, the main precondition is that there is a technical description for the product to be certified. There are two main types of technical descriptions:

  • Harmonised European Standard (hEN)
  • European Assessment Document (EAD 130186-00-0603)

CE marking is mandatory as of the end of the transition period (the coexistance of conflicting national standards and the harmonised standards (hEN)).

Depending on the nature of the product, the standard or the technical assessment determines the manner of certification which is to be applied.

EAD 130186-00-0603 is applied to three-dimensional nailing plates (angle brackets, joist hangers etc), which, for abtaining the CE mark, requires the certification of the manufacturing plant in accordance to the attestation system 2+. Briefly, the attestation system 2+ means that products must be tested pursuant to test plan and the factory production control (FPC) must be implemented.

Factory production control is a continuous internal control in accordance with the requirements specified in the ETA. The FPC must be certified by the certification authority, who has the relevant accreditation – and who performs the continuous monitoring of compliance.

The Declaration of Performance is the outcome of the certification process. The DoP is a written confirmation of its issuer, that the product is in conformity with all requirements and that the procedure of conformity assessment has been observed.

Arras CF main product range has the CE mark, and all of our newly developed products will get te CE mark as well.

Declarations of Performances issued to ACF: