The Good Mood Day of Arras CF

A spirited reminder of this year’s summer days “The Good Mood Day of Arras CF”! We tackled the Arras Olympics, put our brains to work in the scientists’ adventure, laughed, danced and feasted on all things good. In short: a beautiful ending to our anniversary year’s summer! Many thanks to all our colleagues, customers, partners and friends who took part in the #ArrasCF20 celebrations.

Applause to WOW Events agency and Juhan Krull for doing an exceptional job at organizing the event activities. Thank you, Lepanina Hotel, for accommodating us and creating the party atmosphere for us. Also, thank you, Imre Saarna and the Beat and the DJ, for playing the evening’s best tunes. We would also like to thank Belief Eesti for providing Belief water to us. Large bow and high-five to the Dreamfire BBQ Team for catering tasty barbecue dishes for us!