Looking back at Stuttgart Fastener Fair

The Stuttgart Fastener Fair was very eventful and fun! Harsh turbulence whilst traveling to Stuttgart gave us all quite a scare, but all fears were pushed aside by the excitement of the upcoming event.

It was great to see, that our box was a showstopper with its unique solutions and cool team. We would like to thank Kristo Rosenvald: his works of art, creative ideas and unique displays were great!

Our main focus was presenting our whole product range, which we have been developing for the past 20 years. We also presented new additions of our product line.

The overall feeling was great: we saw awesome shows hosted by various artists, many companies had set up bars, some even had professional chefs preparing food for guests.

We are sincerely happy that all the participants, customers and partners who made this event something to remember! Cooperation with Space Production OÜ was as smooth and top-notch as always. Also, collaboration with Schenker was beyond excellent. Everything worked to a tee. We would also like to thank Belief Eesti for providing Belief water to us. Also, great thanks to Avocado and Novot Agentuur for their designs.

Arras Construction Furniture OÜ participation at the 2019 Stuttgart Fastener Fair was supported by the European Regional Development Fund in the amount of 16 010,40 euros.

Stuttgart Fastener Fair is Europe’s largest exhibition for the fastener and fixing industry, where suppliers and customers from all over the world meet. Arras CF’s main focus at the fair was seeking new customer base and markets. The exhibition was a success, Arras CF’s box got a lot of attention and we are already now negotiating with more companies than ever before.

Hope to see you all again soon!